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Effective Date: November 25th 2020

Hi there!

It's Johnny Moxx here and I wanted to take a minute to be very clear about my role as an affiliate marketer here at

Yes, my ultimate goal is to become the world's most helpful online marketer. This would be the reason why I give away boat loads of content, tutorials and trainings for FREE instead of charging you an arm and a leg for the goods.

However, I want to be absolutely clear that this website is for profit venture and I need you to know exactly how I generate an income through my website and why.

Full Disclosure...

I'm an affiliate marketer by profession and throughout these pages on this website, you will encounter recommended affiliate links to services and/or products by yours truly.

NOT every link in this website is an affiliate link, but you should assume that every link that is in this website and takes you to another 3rd party site is one of my affiliate links.

Once you click on one of these links and purchase, I may receive a commission and this would be how I get compensated for the time and energy that it takes to publish content on my platforms and my website here at

Keeping the above in mind, I only promote or link to 3rd party products and services that I personally use, researched, tested, believe in and approve of.

To resume, you should assume that I have built relationships with the 3rd party companies that supply goods and services that may be mentioned in the website. It's possible that I may be compensated for showing ads or doing product/service recommendations or linking to the 3rd party's website.

If you have any questions about this disclosure or any links on my website, feel free to reach me at and I would be more than happy to clarify.


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